About KTM

"Ready to Race"

KTM is "Ready to Race!" This is not just their slogan, but also a motto that sums up KTM's passion, dedication and philosophy for the bikes they create. These bikes depend on the highest quality components as well as optimal weight performance ratio. The results are a unique on and off road riding sensation that makes the brand stand out against all others.

High Quality Race Ready Machines

KTM is the largest European motorcycle manufacturer from Austria specializing in "Ready to Race" on and off road motorcycles and ATVs. Every motorcycle, from design and function, is developed and tested in the tough world of motor racing. Their reputation is built on high-quality, premium race ready machines, suitable for street and off road race competition and recreation.

The Start of Something Big

Kraftfahrzeuge Trunkenpolz Mattighofen, better known today as KTM, was started in 1934 by engineer Hans Trunkenpolz as a metal shop in Mattighofen, Austria. Within a few years, the company was repairing and eventually selling motorcycles. By the end of the Second World War, the public's demand for cheap, efficient and reliable travel was on the rise. Seeing an opportunity to answer the publics need, and a passion for bikes, Hans Trunkenpolz decided to switch gears and venture into motorcycle production. By 1953 their first prototype was complete. Serial production of bikes shortly followed, with almost all bike components being produced in house. In 1954, the company was made up of only 20 employees and had an astonishing build rate of three motorcycles per day. This was the start of the brilliance, dedication and quality that is behind the KTM motorcycle brand.

Today, KTM is headed by CEO Stefan Pierer who took control of management in 1992 as he re-launched this brand with a mission to produce motorcycles of exacting standards of excellence. Stefan Pierer is a well-known figure in the automotive world, widely respected as a brave decision maker with clear visions. Gerald Kiska, in charge of product design and brand positioning, is responsible for the creation of KTM's distinct and internationally recognized KTM "Orange" corporate identity. He has crafted KTM into its unique design and brand identity that is known worldwide.

A Thrilling Experience

KTM is proud to offer a thrilling experience in both riding and racing on cutting edge motorcycles. With more than 238 World Championships and counting, KTM's technology, design and performance continues to race past the competition time and time again. These bikes offer riders the utmost quality and prestige as they are forever "Ready to Race."

Interesting Facts - KTM

  • In 1934, Kraftfahrzeuge Trunkenpolz Mattighofen, better known today as KTM, starts out as a metal shop company in Austria.
  • Serial production of KTM bikes begin in 1954 with almost all of the components being produced in house at a build rate of three motorcycles per day by 20 employees.
  • Mecky, KTM's first moped, was launched in 1957. That same year the first sports motorcycle, Trophy 125cc, was built.
  • In 1968, the cross-country Penton Six Days dirt bike is produced and exported to the United States.
  • By 1973 KTM started production of the 250 Cross and Enduro bikes.
  • In 1982, Motocross models are outfitted with new Pro Lever rear suspension. The company develops its first 4-stroke engine with water cooling.
  • In 1986 KTM becomes the very first manufacturer to offer front and rear disc brakes on an off-road machine.
  • Fabrizio Meoni wins the Dakar rally on an LC4 660R in 2001.
  • In 2004 KTM launches the 990 Super Duke and introduces the 990 RC8 Venom and the 950 Supermoto at the Intermot Motorcycle Show in Munich.
  • By 2005 KTM unleashes the 950 Supermoto while at the same time launches the 990 Adventure and the 950 Super Enduro R.
  • KTM succeeded in winning the Dakar Rally in 2011 for the tenth consecutive time, establishing its absolute dominance in the world's most grueling rally of more than 9,500 km and setting completely new benchmarks in international off road racing.

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